One Off Cleaning

Easy & Convenient One off Cleaning Services in Manchester

One Off Cleaning ManchesterWhen you’re looking for cleaners for a single occasion, give us a call. Book one off cleaning in Manchester with no contract, no hassle and no ongoing obligation. You’ll get all the quality of service you’d expect from a regular cleaner and total flexibility in the way you set up and use your service.

Get a single person or a team. Decide how long you want them for and what you want them to do. Give us a ring and we’ll set things up for the day you need it. That’s really all there is to it.

You Set the Priorities for Your One Off Cleaners in Manchester

Arrange a general spring cleaning right through your home. Or ask your one off cleaners to focus on deep cleaning of a specific area. Whichever you choose, the way you find out more and get your service stays the same:

  • Choose how to contact us: We’re around 24/7, so call us or type into the chat box any time. Fill in our contact form and we’ll even call you.
  • Get a free quote for the work you’d like done: This is based on the number of cleaners you need and how long you want them for.
  • Book your cleaning for the day you want it: There’s no extra charge for weekend work and we’re often able to offer same day cleaning.
  • Ask for key collection or drop off: We’re happy to do this and why would you want to stay and watch the cleaners!
  • Combine general cleaning with specialist work: Maybe oven cleaning or carpet cleaning, you could be offered a reduced rate for some of your work.
  • Be Amazed: At how much trained and experienced cleaners get done in a few hours!

Get What You Need From Your Spring Cleaning

One Off Cleaning ManchesterWhen you contact us one of our customer representatives will ask about the spring cleaning work you’d like done. We’ll help you decide if a single cleaner or a team would suit you best. When you’d like heavy items, such as freezers or fridges moved we’d recommend two or more cleaners. We’ll prepare a check list for your cleaners based on your priories.

Use our cleaners before a party, they’ll get every room your guests will see shiny and bright. Use them after a party, book a couple of people for a few hours and they’ll get rid of the bottles, sort out the dishes, scrub the kitchen down and freshen up your lounge.

Other popular reasons for booking one off cleaning include getting rid of the dust and must when you’ve been away for a while, or deep cleaning a family bathroom and kids bedrooms every once in a while, just to keep things nice and hygienic.

Of course, there doesn’t need to be a specific occasion for your to book this service. The most common reason customers give us if we ask is ‘just because’!

Security and Quality Standards for One Off Cleaning in Manchester

Your spring cleaners in Manchester will be reference vetted and ID checked members of our team. Your service is covered by comprehensive insurance. Your cleaner or team will focus firstly on the tasks you’ve identified as most important to you. They’ll work hard throughout your session to get as much done as possible in the time you’ve booked. To make sure this happens we provide training before anyone starts work with us and we monitor regularly to make sure we keep providing the quality of service our customers expect.