Cleaners Manchester

Get Professional Standards from Your Manchester Cleaners

Cleaners ManchesterFind professional cleaners in Manchester who work to the highest standards and deliver value for money every time they go out on a job. Use us for repeat or regular work, such as your weekly domestic cleaning. And for one-off jobs like oven cleaning or jet washing your garden paths. Whatever you’re looking for, the chances are we’ve got it covered. So call us, we’re the easiest way to take care of your household chores.

The Easy Way to Get Your Cleaning Done in Manchester

Whenever you book with us you’ll be calling on a team that gets the kind of client feedback you’ll read when you check our customer testimonials. Setting up your cleaning in Manchester is quick, simple and you’ll do it in perfect security every time:

  • Know what you’ll pay: You’ll get a no obligation quote for any service you’re interested in
  • Have 24/7 backup: Fill in our contact form, give us a call, or use our live chat service to get through to our customer care team day or night
  • Get what you need, when you need it: Our cleaners and gardeners work seven days a week and there’s no extra charge for weekend services
  • Pay affordable rates: Check our base rates on our prices page, and get even better value when you combine certain work and qualify for discounts
  • Count on us in an emergency: We’re often able to come on the very day you call
  • Confirm a booking without paying any deposit: And settle your account with cash or card
  • Benefit from our team approach: When your usual cleaner or gardener goes on holiday, we’ll arrange replacement cover
  • Cancel or rearrange an appointment without penalty: Because sometimes things change. We understand that, so all we ask is 2 days notice

Book a Team with the Right Equipment for your Cleaning Services in Manchester

A great craftsman values his tools! We’ve invested in top-of-the-range tools for our cleaning services in Manchester. How does this help you?

You don’t need to buy things you’ll rarely use. You don’t need to store bulky equipment. And, having the right tools makes a real difference to the quality of results you’ll get.

Almost as important as the tools are the products we select to deliver your services with. We’re committed to an eco-friendly policy, so expect your gardeners to be skilled in organic and water-wise gardening techniques, and your oven cleaners to arrive with non-toxic environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that give great results without filling your home with nasty, smelly chemicals.

Last, but Definitely Not Least – The People

Cleaners ManchesterWe couldn’t do it without them! Your cleaners in Manchester are carefully selected, vetted and supported right down the line. We start with ID, CRB and reference vetting. Security is important to you and our good name is vital to us, so anyone who’s part of our team has passed these basic checks before going any further.

Professionalism is central to our work. So your cleaners will have been selected for their positive attitude to providing great customer care and high quality workmanship.

Our employees are trained before starting to work with customers: This includes certification in the use of any specialist equipment or products. After all this our cleaners are almost ready to go out and work.

We supply uniform and formal identification: So your workers arrive looking smart and are instantly recognisable as our representatives. All of our services are provided under full insurance.

We operate an ongoing quality control system: This is the final step in the process we use to make sure your cleaning services stay up to the mark. It enables us to pick up on any issues at an early stage and to recognise and acknowledge good work. And it means you get the quality of workmanship you deserve. Every time we come to you.